Partnership with our carriers is where our success begins.

Being a Carrier

To become an approved carrier, you must have Common or Contract Carrier Authority and insurance naming EBX Logistics as a certificate holder. We require all new carriers to review and return the packet along with a W-9 and a list of at least three references. All of these requirements must be met before you can be dispatched on a load. 

Why it pays to work with EBX Logistics

We understand the importance of timely payments and flexible payment options. As an EBX Logistics carrier, several options exist starting with our standard payment terms of 21 days from receipt of paperwork. Invoices and bills of lading can be submitted via fax or email (we do not require mailed originals) and payment can be made via check or direct deposit. For quicker payment, we offer the following quick pay options:

Same-Day Quick Pay (Comcheck): All requests must received by 2:00PM Pacific Standard Time and are paid same day via Comcheck. This option is subject to a 4% fee from the gross settlement rate, plus applicable Comdata Fees. Requests received after 2:00PM will be paid the following business day. 

Next-Day Quick Pay: All requests must received by 2:00PM Pacific Standard Time and are paid next day via direct deposit. This option is subject to a 2% fee from the gross settlement rate. Requests received after 2:00PM time will be scheduled the following business day. 

10-Day Quick Pay: Payments can be received ten business days after request and subject to a 1.5% fee from the gross settlement rate.

Proper documentation is required to be eligible for quick pays. 

Advances are also available to cover fuel and other operating costs up to 40% of the total settlement, with a maximum advance of $3,000. A 2% fee is charged for this service.

We do not pay for unloading, gate fees, or other miscellaneous costs, unless cleared by the salesperson in advance for that load. The agreed upon rate covers all costs.

EBX Logistics has been and is currently serving us since their inception. They are providing us with competitive market rates that have helped us grow our business. In addition to their professional brokerage, the greatest asset they provide us with is their efficiency, honesty and full transparency during and under all circumstances.
— Ricky Singh Dhillon & Rome Singh Bhullar, Green Globe Inc